Frequently Asked Question

There are few options that might have caused this:
Your phone number is not verified and/or is not valid
Your ad does is not in alignment with our terms & conditions
You have multiple accounts set up, in which case, you will have to let us know which one you would like to continue with.
Your completed information is not correct.
You are using someone else’s media or copied a profile

If you are not sure why your account has been deleted, please send us an email requesting clarity under the “Support” button.
This can have many reasons;

The images/videos are not yours
The images/videos posted do not provide any useful information
The images/videos used are not compliant with our terms & conditions
You can log on and select the section you want to make changes to. After the changes have been been click on ‘Update’ at the bottom of the screen to confirm.

VIP Account

If you have registered for an VIP account, you can live chat! with advertising members on Simply purchase the amount of credits you would like and click on the live chat! link on the home page, or in the profile of the preferred member and you can instantly start a conversation.

Live Chat

If you are advertising your profile on you can earn extra funds by chatting with visitors of the website. All funds earned will immediately be deposited in your account. These funds can be used to make your profile stand out.